Smart and practical

Like Tica Copenhagen's shoe boxes, our Doormats are smart and practical for organising wet and dirty footwear all year round. No matter how wet or dirty your footwear is, there's almost always some dirt or water underneath it that can cause stains and spills on the floor. The doormats invite you to leave them outside the door before you enter so they take the worst dirt and grime before you step into the hallway and are ideal for outside as they can withstand all weathers!

4 different designs to choose from;

Footwear; is the first design we launched in 2012 and is markings of shoes and boots.

Graphic; are graphic interplay of squares and triangles, giving a more streamlined look and the edges are completely square.

Dot; has become a true classic. Neutral pattern with dots and rounded edges. Fits in just about anywhere.

Lines; is the latest pattern created in a play with lines. The design is not symmetrical and is not exactly the same on the different size doormats - but has the same look. A very modern and simple pattern with an exclusive look.

Great versatility throughout the home

Tica's doormats are primarily for footwear, but actually have a number of other great uses;

  • Underlay when planting flowers about or working with something that stings ex something that contains oil e.g. cycling.
  • Underlay for plants on the balcony/home
  • Underlay for food/water bowls for pets that often swing on the floor around