• Neat, practical and durable mats, runners and rugs in polyamide
  • Large assortment both in design, colors and sizes
  • Works well in both hallways / utility rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, children's rooms and not least holiday homes.
  • Easy to clean with machine wash at 30 degrees and / or vacuum cleaner


Tica design mats are nice to look at - have a nice and simple look due to the polyamide material combined with the pile height. These are classic designs and colors. Available i.a. in sand / beige color, which fits and matches perfectly with wooden floors. The pile height and the soft polyamide also make the rugs nice to walk, stand and sit on.


Mats and rugs are practical because they are made in a durable quality and are easy to hold. They protect the floor from stains from water, dirt, sand, mud, etc., which you drag in from the outside. They lie really well and stably on the floor without slipping and curling. They are soft to walk and stand on. Easy to clean. Can be cut to size if it does not fit 100%.


The rugs, mats, runners are made of polyamide, which is a soft nylon material that is very durable and water-absorbent. Despite strong sunlight, they hold the colors well.
They can keep it to good everyday life with a lot of activity and "traffic". They can last for the thousand times you walk in and out the door, whether you come with wet, dirty shoes / boots, sandy rock cliffs, muddy clogs or wet running shoes. They absorb water and dry quickly. The vinyl backing means that they lie neatly and stably on the floor and do not fold, so you fall into the rug. The back can withstand underfloor heating.


Many colors and designs that can be combined and many sizes.

Great usability throughout the home

Tica design mats are useful all year round to protect the floor and can be used in many rooms;

  • At the front door in the entrance hall / entrance / entrance and utility room
  • At all exits in house and apartment ex from kitchen / living room / room to terrace / garden / balcony to
    wipe off water, dirty feet / shoes and protect the floor you step on.

Due to the carpet-like pile and look, they are both neat and functional to use in many other rooms;

  • Bedroom - because it's nice to step out on a rug with bare toes
  • Children's room - because the rugs are soft and nice to sit on and lie stably
  • Bathroom - because they are soft to stand on and can also be used as a bath mat
  • Kitchen - because it is nice to stand on a runner and spare the floor when cooking and / or if there is access to the terrace / garden from the kitchen.
  • Living room with access to terrace / garden


The mats are easy to keep clean with vacuuming and the smaller sizes (40x60 cm and 60x90 cm) are easy to wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Stains can be easily removed with ordinary detergent and a wet cloth - the polyamide material is quite hardy and can withstand a bit of everything.


Tica Floormats can be used to great advantage in many rooms in your home because they are practical, soft and neat.


The entrance hall is the first room we come home and enter. Your entrance hall is also the space that your guests enter first. Therefore, it is also important that the entrance is successful, so that both you and your guests feel welcome and not least that the room works practically in the good everyday life.
It is inevitable that we drag water, dirt, sand, mud, snow, grass - everything with in - depending on the season. The mats protect your floor and protect against stains - they invite you to wipe your feet off when you step inside.


Today, many houses have many exits from the rooms, the kitchen and the living room. Especially in spring and summer we have open doors and go in and out with footwear on. Here it can be practical to place a small mat (40x60 cm) to protect the floor and not least to limit getting water and dirt in - to limit cleaning.

In holiday homes and colony houses, there is often no definite entrance and here a larger mat / runner is typically needed to keep minimizing cleaning and dirt throughout the house.

In the kitchen, it can be nice to stand on a runner at the kitchen table when cooking and a runner also helps to protect the floor.


Many people think it is nice to get out of bed and that their bare toes hit a soft and nice blanket and therefore a runner is lying.


The rugs are soft to sit on and play with and therefore they fit well in children's rooms - especially because they are stable and good and are durable.


The mats can be used as a bath mat, but also as a runner / blanket in front of a mirror / sink, because it is nice and comfortable to stand on something soft