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Inspiration: How to make your hallway family friendly


Having a large family and your children’s friends running in and out of the house, easy make the entrance area dirty, moist and messy. This family upgraded their entrance area with tica I copenhagen goods, and hereby got rid of wet socks, salt marks on the wooden floors and piles of shoes and boots in the corners.

How to make a family and children friendly hallway with doormats, boot trays and dirt mats.


 1. Boot trays with tidy side effects

The benefits of boot trays are multiple. First of all you avoid dirt and water on the floor where boots and shoes are set to dry. The edge of our boot trays are 3 cm. high, so no dirt will end up on the floors.
Second the shoe trays are made from 60% moulded recycled rubber. The weight of the material keep the tray steady on the floor.
The edges are bendable, so there will be no damages to them, if you accidentally step onto it. How often have you hurt your feet from broken plastic boot trays?
Finally the rubber material won’t scratch the surface, so need to worry about the fine wooden floors.
This family have chosen the largest boot tray family size 88 x 38 cm. that contains around four pairs of adult shoes and several children shoes.

With a boot tray in your hallway, you will soon find that kids (and adults) automatically deposit their shoes here, instead of throwing them on the floors. Nice side effects!

The boot trays can be cleansed with water or vacuumed.


Doormats welcome all guests and children in your house

2. Welcome guest - all year around

tica I copenhagen doormats are designed to resist all weathers - sun, rain and snow.  Use the doormat outside all year round or inside where needed.
The doormats comes in two sizes that fits most entrance-doors 45 x 75 cm. and 60 x 90 cm.
The familiy have chosen the small doormat in 45 x 75 cm. in the simple graphic pattern, to compliment the rest of the entrance decors.

The doormat can be cleaned with water and vacuumed. 


 Floormats ensure dry floors and clean socks


3. Dry feet and clean floors

Due to the high amount of activity in the entrance area, the family decided on two large floor mats. The first measures 80 x 150 cm. and the second 80 x 185 cm. 
The picture was taken just after unwrapping the mats, why they look a bit bumpy. They will be absolute plain on the surface within a day.
The latex back cover keeps the surface perfect dry and clean. No moisture can pass this material. The dense pile is 100% polyamid that soaks up all moist and dirt. Whenever needed, the mats can be vacuumed and machine washed at 30°C. Perfect for busy moms!


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