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About Tica Copenhagen

A talk with Tina

tica I copenhagen was founded by Tina Bremholm in 2008. Tina Bremholm founder of tica I copenhagen

How did you come up with this niche idea to develop "gadgets" for shoes and boots?

There were many reasons that it all of a sudden was obvious to me, that I had to start tica copenhagen.

My drive and motivation is 100% to be able to develop and design products that solves challenges and needs that no one else have solved before. Or at least to make the solutions new and even better than the ones we know.
The product must be smart, functional and create value for consumers - thereby I mean "real" value, not just "decorative value" as a candlestick does. A tica I copenhagen product must make a difference and prefered a visible difference in the good everyday life. It is absolutely crucial.

Added to my extreme delight of shoes (yes, I admit it!) and many hours of market research and process, it ended with "things" for shoes and boots. Our target group is women (and men) who want to take care of their shoes in a modern and stylish way. People who want to enjoy their beautiful shoes and boots for a long time, who like tidy entrances and great wardrobes. And do not want unnecessary mess.

When I started in 2008, we lived in a total buy-and-throw-away-time. It runs very much against how I was brought up - taught to take care of my stuff.


And then you have to reveal to us - what does the tica name means?

tica I copenhagen Shoe Rack black

In fact, it's very simple. TI-na CA-re for shoes. Mixed with Copenhagen because we are an international brand.


What is your professional background?

I am a real "product girl" in the sense that I have a great pleasure in developing and rethinking products - items for our homes, things we use and we surround ourselves with. And then I love design, colors and patterns.

The last 10 years I have worked with the Finnish interior brand Iittala - you know the Aalto vase? I have worked with design, product development, sales and marketing, which is also my professional education path. 

Product-wise ticas universe was totally new to me, but when it comes to creating a good and valuable product with nice features I am highly experienced.

My goal is to continue developing the tica I copenhagen universe. The latest product is our Shoe Racks. I just love the combination of the simple metal frame and the feminine soft shapes. Also the multi mount function is great!







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