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Guide: How to take good care of leather boots and shoes

It can be tough on your shoes and boots when the weather season calls for rain and cold. Also the sun and heat can make marks on your shoe wear.

We tend to get out of the wet and dirty shoe wear in high speed and then leave it on the floor in a pile to dry out. This procedure stains and marks the leather. Both leather shoes and boots quickly looses the fresh and nice apparel, when they are not taken care of. 

But do not feel bad about it. We give you five tricks, to change your shoe wear habits to make your favorite shoe wear last longer and look even better.

Pas godt på dine læderstøvler, ruskindsstøvler og lædersko.


1. Protection is key

Your leather boots and leather shoes needs care, just like when you use moisture for your skin. The leather need leather lotion and most important: dirt repellant spray to impregnate the surface.

It is not the most exiting activity, but it is the most important step to make your boots look better longer. Tip: You can ask your local shoemaker to do it.

First the shoes need repellant spray. And afterwards you treat the shoes and boots with leather lotion.
The dirt repellant spray impregnate the surface, and protects against moist, dirt and grease. This makes the leather water repellant. You can also use leather grease, that makes the surface almost water resistant. 

If your shoes are made from synthetic materials, they also benefit from a good treatment with repellant spray.

Ask your shoemaker or shoe store for what products to use for your shoe wear. And do remember to have a rubbersole applied to your fine leather shoes and leather boots, as they are often born with a delicate leather sole, that do not like moist or dirt. 


2. Avoid wrinkles and marks on your leather boots

Use a boot shaft support or hang your boot in a clamp or holder. There are many smart, decorative and functional ways to take care of your boots - and keep a tidy entrance at the same time. 

When you use a bootsupport for you boots, its like hanging delicate garment on a hanger. 

tica I copenhagen boot supports is a smart boot shaft holder that is made form a thin plastic plate. When rolled up, it can be inserted in the boot. Now boots stand perfect by them selves. When you try a boot support, you really do not want to do without again.

  • Your boots keeps on looking new without marsk or folds.
  • Air will circulate into the boots, and keep them dry and odour free.
  • If boots get wet, they dry faster when boot supports are inserted. 
  • You will avoid mess in the entrance area and wardrobe.
  • Enjoy looking at your boots, when they are presented at their best. 
  • When the boot support is not in use, it can be stores in a tray or hanged on a hook. Sådan fungerer en boot support støvleholder til langskaftede støvler


3. Give your boots a break!

Your boots needs rest. It is recommended to change shoes and boots everyday, to keep the leather and fabrics in the best shape.

A human transpires daily around 20 ml. moist from the feet! And your shoe wear needs around 24 hours to dry. Therefor it is recommended to use bootsupports or shoe supports to keep your shoe wears shape in perfect condition. 


 Brug en støvleholder til langskaftede støvler


4. Wipe off stains and marks

Exactly as your garments needs to have stains from dirt or grease removed as fast as possible, so does your shoe wear. If they are not rapidly removed, thy van leave permanent stains. 
Use a moist cloth or sponge, or brush the stain away. Use a leather lotion afterwards. Also remember to use a repellent spray after the treatment. 
Salt marks can be removed with a cloth soaked in a little milk, as the milk fats have a special cleansing effect on salt.

5. Air dry is preferred

Wet leather boots and leather shoes should not be dried via heaters, hairdryers or on top of radiators.
The leather gets hard and is lightly to crack if it is dried to intensive.

How to dry leather shoes and leather boots:

  1. Remove any loose innersoles.
  2. Fill out the footwear with paper.
  3. Use a boot support shaft holder.
  4. Place the boots or shoes in room temperature.
  5. Use a boot tray to avoid marks and stains on the floor. 
It will take a bit longer, bit the result is far better. When the footwear is dried, you can brush it over with a soft shoe brush. After this it is recommended to give a repellent spray or leather lotion. 
Now your leather boots or leather shoes are ready for a new, wonderful day.

Do you have a boot tray in your home?


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